MADE IN 72h for LUDUM DARE 49 gamejam

by aerloth & satolas


The apocalypse has come, the city is flooding and your unstable building is now your last hope of survival.

Help the drowning people by letting them go on your building, but beware, as they will disturb the balance....

When you collect enough people (20), the rescue helicopter will come when you call it from the helipad.

Everyone that moves on the building influences the balance and where you are going!


←↑↓→ or WSAD - move the fart guy

SPACE - fart to make people move around

SUPERFART (DASH-FART) - go in the arrow zone and press SPACE to do a fast move with the whole building

RESCUE - press SPACE in the helicopter pad when it activates

AVOID crashing into other buildings and COLLECT rescue boats with the drowning people!

MADE BY aerloth & satolas in 72hrs for Ludum Dare 49 - "Unstable"


Download 60 MB

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