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ZEN MARBLES is a delightful marble run builder, focused on a calm, pleasing, aesthetic experience. This is an early prototype and all feedback is warmly welcome as it will greatly influence the development.

  • Experience the joy of building and racing your own marbles with a digital version of the classic marble run toy.
  • Craft your own wooden tracks and marvel at the beauty of your creation as you watch small marbles race through them.
  • Take control of the marble and experience the ride firsthand, feeling the twists and turns as you navigate through your custom-built course.
  • Charming aesthetics and endless possibilities for track design.
  • Prototype, it's not yet finished, but I'm excited to share this early peek with you and welcome your feedback as I continue to develop the game.

v 0.1 - 230506 - first released version

  • basic block collection
  • save & load system
  • building system
  • ball posession mode (move around with WSAD!)

known issues:

  • sometimes gimbal lock/axis inversion can happen when in FPP mode (zoom in all the way)

coming next:

  • easy sharing of the tracks (json import/export)
  • more building pieces!
  • better marble elevators (portals?)
  • colors / paint for the blocks
  • more marbles
  • better UI/UX (block browsing, quick access menu)



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