A downloadable game for Windows and Android


  • explore a mysterious, eventful island of the archery trials
  • intuitive bow mechanics heavily inspired by Valve's "Longbow" minigame found in "The Lab" VR experience
  • unique temples full of bow and arrow challenges
  • colorful and minimal aesthetic, focused on architecture
  • the player is never harmed, killed or attacked directly
  • discover and master multiple abilities / powers
  • prove worthy to the archery godess herself!
  • the demo will take around 45 minutes to complete for an average player
  • playable on Meta Quest 2, PC VR version avaliable soon

🏹 This is an early prototype - feedback welcome!

This is a pre-alpha prototype developed by an amateur indie game-dev in spare time. All feedback is warmly welcome! This project will evolve and change, nothing is set in stone and your voice will certainly help it go in a better direction.

More info on: https://longbowisland.com

Join the development discussion on Discord!

Drop me a line on Twitter: https://twitter.com/aerloth

Selected music tracks and sound effects made by https://twitter.com/Dreat_

🏹 Supported headsets

Tested on Meta Quest 2, should run on the original Quest as well
PC VR version tested on Oculus headets - not tested with SteamVR! (Index/Vive/etc.)

If you'd like to help out with SteamVR versions - please contact me, as I don't have access to the hardware...


LongbowIsland-v220611.apk (Quest) 129 MB
LongbowIsland-v220612-win.zip (Windows PCVR) 311 MB

Development log


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For the LowPoly tag. Low-poly is used on itch.io a lot lot more often than lowpoly.

https://itch.io/games/tag-low-poly  9,679 results

vs https://itch.io/games/tag-lowpoly with 133 results

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The only good free Archery game for Quest. And even the paid ones IMHO.

The art looks beautiful and surreal.

The bow feel & force curve is really good. Sniping enemies at a long distance comes naturally. What I'm saying is that the strength at which the arrows are released at different draw distances is well tuned.

The puzzles are also good.

I so hope the dev makes more VR games in this style. Or maybe a full version of this archery game.

VR is lacking good archery games IMHO. I am a huge fan of archery in VR and hate guns in VR with passion(For one aiming guns without slow and visible projectiles is next to impossible fore me).

Not many games on Quest have this surreal type art style which I happen to love.

I would definitely pay for a full version of this game and I think others will to.

Now that we have AppLab on Oculus Quest every dev can publish their game without Oculus Quality control judging your game like they used to in the past, please consider making this into a full game.

Hey Lab Core!

Comments like this make my day - thank you so much for checking it out and taking the time to write this.

After my day job, I'm continuing the work on this, making the whole experience more refined and approachable - and hopefully soon next, more complete, experience will be ready for a free release - and I'll def want it to be on app lab!

If that will be received well and has a positive reception - it's def my dream to turn it into a full game.

I'll be sure to ping you whenever it'll be ready :)


That's how you create an amazing archery game for VR.  Love the puzzle elements and the mechanics are nailed perfectly. Maybe kind of semi-transparent view would be nice as an option for the bow for a clearer view but otherwise, I had a blast!

Gameplay video for everyone interested.


Awesome! Thanks for checking out the game - stuff like this gives a lot of motivation to push the project further! <3 A big update is in the works :)

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Try to embed the video instead of just pasting the link. There is a Youtube icon when editing or typing a comment.

Like this!

That's looks good! Do we can play without oculus?


Please add the tag "Oculus Quest".  Most Oculus Quest games on Itch.io have this tag.



Looks like it was added!