A downloadable game for Windows and Android

METABOW is a Virtual Reality archery game where you work with a mystic deity to solve ancient shrines and free them from demons.

  • solve ancient puzzles in abandoned shrines with your mighty bow
  • solid bow and arrow ๐Ÿน mechanics inspired by Valve's Longbow game
  • overcome 4 various enemy species
  • use  different arrow types to your advantage
  • check out 5 different stages in the current prototype
  • chill out and explore the home temple in the middle of the infinite sea
  • no jumpscares or scary combat encounters - the enemies attack the holy blue flame, not you directly
  • playtime: 30-45 minutes to complete all 5 stages

๐Ÿน This is an early prototype - feedback welcome!

This is a rough pre-alpha prototype developed by an amateur indie game-dev in spare time. All feedback is warmly welcome! This project will evolve and change, nothing is set in stone and your voice will certainly help it go in a better direction.

Drop me a line on Twitter: https://twitter.com/aerloth

Selected music tracks made by https://twitter.com/Dreat_

๐Ÿน Supported headsets and requirements

Oculus Quest version:
Avaliable on Sidequest or simply download the .apk from itch here.

PC Version:
Tested on Oculus Quest using Oculus Link Beta and on Oculus Rift S.

Should work fine on Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows MR headsets (not tested).

I don't have access to other VR headsets - any feedback very welcome if you use a Valve Index / HTC Vive / Windows MR. 

Runs fine on a GTX 1070 Max-Q even with third-person spectacor camera and video capture enabled.

This was made with Oculus Quest / Quest 2 in mind - I'll prepare an optimized sidequest build if there's enough interest - drop me a line if you'd like to play this untethered!

๐Ÿน Controls

If you're left handed, you can adjust this in the pause menu (press the [RIGHT-HANDED] button to swap hands).

Press number 0 (zero) to enable the third-person camera (this will heavily affect your FPS).


METABOW-arm64-es2.apk (Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2) 112 MB
METABOW-0.1.2-win64-201117.zip 187 MB

Development log


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That's how you create an amazing archery game for VR.  Love the puzzle elements and the mechanics are nailed perfectly. Maybe kind of semi-transparent view would be nice as an option for the bow for a clearer view but otherwise, I had a blast!

Gameplay video for everyone interested.


Awesome! Thanks for checking out the game - stuff like this gives a lot of motivation to push the project further! <3 A big update is in the works :)

That's looks good! Do we can play without oculus?


Please add the tag "Oculus Quest".  Most Oculus Quest games on Itch.io have this tag.



Looks like it was added!